Mon Interview pour le Cosmopolitan Japan

20 juin 2017

Bonjour à tous,

j’ai le plaisir de partager avec vous aujourd’hui ma première interview pour le Cosmopolitan Japan. Vous pouvez retrouver l’interview sur le site Japonais ici.
Comme je ne comprends pas bien le Japonais, et peut être vous par la même occasion, je me suis permis de vous proposer l’interview en Anglais que voici ci dessous.

N’hésitez pas si vous avez des questions je me ferai un plaisir d’y répondre !

En vous souhaitant de très belles vacances et à bientôt.

Hello Matthieu!

Hello everyone! Hi to my Japanese fans, I hope I will go to Japan soon to discover your beautiful country. Thanks to Cosmopolitan Japan for trusting me today! Let’s Start « 

1. How do you describe the real situation as model during the show?

The real situation during the show is just incredible! We were in a beautiful place in Paris, a lot of people from the press were there and the team was perfect with us (Make up, Hair, Stylist, everything!).

2. Honestly, how do you feel during the show?

It is a kid’s dream to walk for the Fashion Week in Paris. So I am nervous but very excited in the meantime.

3. What actually are you thinking during the catwalk?

I was thinking about all the work I did before, photo-shoot, agency test, work out, physical training. I told myself, just stay focus, no stress, now you did it, you have been selected, you are in the show, so show your best now!

Paris Fashion Week / Pierre Talamon SS16
© Imaxtree

4. Actually, are there jealousies among models? Or how is it like a relation between models? 

Honestly, during castings it’s a real competition between us, you have to be selected between hundred of models. So you have to be at the right place, at the right time to be a part of it. When it’s done, when you are in the show, you can relax, be cool and have fun with other models.

5. I guess Fashion week is the place where you can meet so many opportunities for the future work, discovery, meet new friends…For you, Fashion week is which kind of event? And please tell me the best memory ever you had.

As far as I am concerned, Fashion week is a fascinating event, hypnotic.
All the professionals of Fashion Industry are a part of this event and see the shows in Paris, Milan, London, New York, so of course it’s the best place to meet nice people of fashion industry.

6. Fashion week is also the place where beautiful ladies from all over the world gather…In your view, which kind of lady is outstanding beauty and what’ is the aspect of beautiful lady.

It is a good question but it can actually lead to two different kind of answers. I mean, a lady can be beautiful as for fashion rules like being tall and thin which is a bit cliché. In my opinion, a beautiful lady must have many qualities. First of all, she must have a good character. Then she must be smart and most of all, she must have a lot of charm. It was more like a from a spiritual view but as for physical beauty, it is important for me that she looks good even without make-up. Eventually, the look of a lady is what seduces me the most.

7. How do you practice to do catwalk beautifully? Are there secrets to walk beautifully?
Sometimes I think about it when I walk in the streets and I try to stay focus on a point, You have to think like you are on the catwalk and you have to go straight, no one can disturb you during your walk, that’s a good training in everyday life. My secret? To be confident, strong, just thinking about the point at the end of you’re walk and think about positive things in your life, family, friends, holidays, that’s a good thing to be peaceful.


Paris Fashion Week / Pierre Talamon SS16
© Imaxtree

Physical preparation

Before how many days of the show do you start dieting?

Personally, I do not diet especially for a show, I have my daily diet, which is enough I suppose.

Thus, what is your kind of body training? (Training detail, Meal detail…etc)

Every two days, I take exercise like 5 series of 20 push-ups, and then 5 series of 20 cross-abdominal exercises and the same with oblique abdominals. Taking exercise is important but without a good diet it is not very useful, this is why I make sure I do not eat too much fat and some fruit and vegetables to have good vitamins. But most of all, I take care of my skin a lot because it is really important for modeling. So first I do not eat too much cheese or chocolate because it gives me acneic buttons. Besides, I clean my skin every morning.

Which kind of effort do you do before the show except of body shaping?

I do everyhting like when I was at my badminton competitions, which is having a bath and listening to music for 3 hours. I close my eyes and I think of everything I did in my life in order to reach this show which makes me feel more confident.

Thanks Matthieu !

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